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At the beginning, all Arab countries are famous for their distinctive dish, which indicates their civilization and heritage. Jordan was also famous for several main dishes known in each Jordanian house, the most famous of which is Mansaf (rice, meat, and milk), which is a popular dish known in public and private occasions and is eaten using the right hand, and the Maqluba consists of meat, rice, and fried vegetables placed in a pot which is flipped upside-down when served.Also, Zarb this food with an underground hole works as ovens to grill fresh meat, vegetables and rice. Second, As for sweets kanafeh is a traditional dessert made with thin noodle and typically layered with cheese or with other ingredients such as nuts, it is a basic dessert served after the main dishes. In conclusion, do not forget about the Arab coffee, which most of the Arab countries became famous, and the Turkish coffee, which is famous in Jordan, it spread in every Jordanian house and every street, as the price does not exceed half a dinar, and the guest's honor is undoubtedly an authentic copy of the Arabs.

The national dish of Jordan is Mansaf, a Bedouin dish. A lamb with aromatic herbs is cooked in dried yoghurt (jameed), served with rice and garnished with pine or other nuts. It often symbolizes an occasion like a wedding, and as with most Bedouin dishes, it is traditionally eaten with the right hand.

Maglouba made with lamb or chicken and aubergines, sometimes fried cauliflower. Maglouba is translated as "Upside Down", cause this casserole is inverted after preparation. A special experience is Zarb, a Bedouin dish. Meat, mostly lamb, is cooked by a unique underground grilling method in a mud oven, served with rice and vegetables. Very similar is Mandi, usually made with a young lamb cooked in a special kind of clay oven.

A specialty of the Levant region, knafeh is a syrup-soaked cheese pastry dessert made of vermicelli or semolina dough. Traditionally, the shredded vermicelli is stuffed with white cheese, a thick syrup of sugar and a few drops of rose water is poured all over the pastry after it is cooked.

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